Establishment of the Social and Economic Committee (CSE)


As of 1st January 2020 the Works Council and the Health and Safety Committees were replaced by the Social and Economic Committee (CSE).

The CSE elections took place in Amadeus on the 10th and 19th of December 2020 and thanks to our voters, the CFDT was elected as the first Union in Amadeus with 30% of the vote and 9 union representatives.  

Répartition au CSE CADRES titulaires ETAMS titulaires TOTAL titulairesReprésentativité Evolution par rapport a 2017
CFDT     8 1 930% + 8 %
CGT       8 0 829% – 7 %
CFE-CGC 8 0 827% + 2 %
CFTC 4 0414% – 3 %

On Friday 10 January 2020, the first meeting of  the committee was held and the CGT, and CFE-CGC unions joined forces to take over the management of the CSE.

Brigitte BOURLA (CFE-CGC) is the elected Secretary of the CSE.

Jose Luis MARIN (CGT)
is the elected Treasurer of the CSE.

Congratulations to Brigitte and José for their nominations

  • This result means, the CFDT, voted by you as Amadeus’ first union by 30% of the electors, do not have decision making rights in the CSE.  This is unfortunate. as we will not have the opportunity to take decisions necessary to implement the changes proposed in its profession of faith and desired by the employees. i.e. New CE building…
  • Nevertheless, we take seriously the trust you have given us as your union representative and will continue to fight and negotiate with management for proposal which will benefit all employees. To do this we will participate actively and constructively in the commissions, to the CSE monthly meetings with the management and in the Compulsory Annual Negotiations.

Other Designated members of the Commissions.
Economic Commission:
Jean-christophe AGUILAR (CFDT), Sylvain GIMENEZ (CFE-CGC), Gilbert DOSE (CFTC), Stephane JOUTEUX (CGT), Jose Luis MARIN (CGT).

Representatives to the Amadeus sas social body :
Didier ROULLEAU (CFE-CGC) for CADRE et Edwidge DEPRES (CFTC) for ETAM.

Members of the Health, Safety and Working Conditions Commission (CSSCT):

“All the goods, rights and obligations, debts and debts of works councils, works councils, central works councils, single staff delegations, CHSCTs and bodies grouped in companies at least 300 employees, are transferred automatically and in full ownership to the social and economic committees set up at the end of the current mandates of the aforementioned bodies and at the latest on December 31, 2019. This transfer is carried out free of charge when the establishment of ESCs ”.

The CSE accepts the devolution of all goods, rights and obligations, claims and debts of the works council according to the document given at the meeting.

Transfer of accounts: Bank and cash balances:
Bank balances for an amount of € 1,787,943.85 of which: Activities: € 856,544.90 and Operation: € 931,398.95

Result of the accounts for the year 2019, remains in the accounts: Activities: € 349,846.22 and operation: € 163,725.34.

The report shows an increase in the cumulated reserves of 28% and exceeds 2 million euros , according to information provided in November:

Activities :  1 441 822,98€ et Operation: 802 486,30€ totaling 2 244 309,28€ .

The CSE is not a fiscal organisation. The monies received from the Management each year is for the employees and must be used for their benefit; we would like to see this money used in priority for the construction of the new CSE operating, sports and cultural infrastructure worth of the Amadeus employees.

31 January will be the next CSE meeting on which we will keep you informed.
We continue our presence at Sophia and Bel-Air.