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Electronic VOTE

You should by now have received your codes to vote in the Amadeus Union elections. Please do not misplace them!
Voting is from any computer having internet access at the following address:                          
You can consult the Profession of Faith on the voting site: . (pages 1 and 2 in French, 3 and 4 in English).
To vote you must provide the following:
– Last 3 digits of your employee number as it appears on your payslip.  

The Code received.
– The password received.

There will be 2 votes. One for the titular list. The other for  the alternative list of your choice.

You did not receive your access codes? You can:
– Make a request on the voting site.
– Contact the legal department of the company at the following numbers: 0497154278, 0497153543 or 0497154351.

Raffle drawing – 9 DECEMBER

The Prizes are now awarded:
– Nespresso coffee machine, to a Main site employee.
– 50€ Carrefour coupon, to a Bel Air employee.
– 50€ Carrefour coupon, to a Main site employee.
– 4 cinema tickets, to a Main site employee.
– 5th to 505th 1 cooler bag
– 506th to 1000th  small gift

We welcome you to verify if you have won at:
– Thursday 12th December, Main site, between 11:00 and 15:00 at B172.
– Wednesday 11th December, Bel Air, between 13:00 and 15:30 at BE2529.

Mandatory Annual Negotiations (NAO 2020)

The NAO, started Friday 6th December. Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or suggestions here.
This year we will be particularly vigilant regarding TCH re-organisation.

We strive for fair treatment for all…

Paid Vacation salary

Since 2012 the CFDT has worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone benefits from the correct calculation for  holiday pay. As a result of the Amadeus CFDT negotiations and of the employees who trusted them, ALL EMPLOYEES WIN:

  • Amadeus was forced to correct it’s method of calculating paid vacation for all employees.
  • A check of the calculation for the period Jun 2018 – May 2019 will be done in December 2019 and all employees will receive 2 half days of RTT in compensation (1 RTT day).

Going forward and as a result – this calculation will be done once a year in June, for the period 1st June to 31st May of the previous reference period.

As a result of the People & Culture ‘’Paying on vacation – updates’’ sent by management on December 6th, you asked us a lot of questions, and quite rightly so.

To clarify the incomprehension caused by this judiciously ambiguous intercom, please consult the following link to help clarify, Point by Point the TRUE and FALSE.