Newsletter June 2021


Teleworking: Massive registration for mode Hybrid! 

Of the over 4000 employees, here are provisional results showing how the applicants applied to the Telework plan Between 75% to 80% applied 

  • 56% for 3 days telework/week
  • 16% for 2 jours telework/week
  • 1% for 1 jour telework/week
  • Over 350 employees requested ” full remote”. So far 100 dossiers of the 200 places available have 
  • 27% of employees did not respond.  We do not know the distribution between those wishing to return full-time and those not yet positioned. 

For information on the new teleworking plan as well as the monthly allowance and installation premium, please refer to the dedicated Neo page. 

Remember to use the weekly forms to declare your Teleworking choice.   

As of the end of May, the conditions to return to work have not been finalized. In the meantime, the official communication of May 31 provides more information.

Annual Part-Time program

40 people applied to the Annualized Part-Time plan from June 2021 to May 2022. Here are the figures presented in the CSE:

  • 27 new applicants, 13 renewals 
  • 31 chose modality 1 (+4 weeks not worked. i.e. Approx. 90% of working time) 
  • 9 for modality 2 (+4 weeks & Wednesdays off. i.e.  Approx. 72% of working time) 

Without our last CFDT newsletter, this information would have gone unnoticed.

SAFe transformation: let’s talk about it !

In this difficult period, operational efficiency and savings are commonly used ”Buzz words”. We are attentive to the changes in methodology
underway for several years now. 

We are at your disposal to raise concerns for the implementation, 
application of SAFe, Scrum, Agile as well as other methodologies. The same applies to software. It is clear that these tools are in rare circumstances, anxiety-provoking. However, their usage can be.  Eg. a time management tool (iPPM) should not be used to compare the results of individual team members, let alone between teams. 

Contact us if you are in one of these cases! 

Link to the SAFe NEO page for more.

Bel-Air : End of works!

The Bel Air extension has been completed and the project Middle East Africa has passed the inspection :  The keys were handed over in April.  

The management has committed to inform the employees affected by the move from Sophia to Bel-Air, before the end of June.    

End of leases: 
– Triades, June 2021, 
– Espaces, December 2021  
– Oreades, June 2022 

For the CSE, the social and sportive activities will soon be transferred to the Oreades.

If you would like to collect your personal effects from one of the closed buildings, (Clara, Taissoniere, Navigator), you must complete this form.

NexThink : Big brother, worrying or reassuring?

At the last CSE, we were informed by management about DTS project NexThink. More details at

The goal is to better manage our IT usage with the help of a software running on each hardware. 

The advantages are:

  • Real-time analysis of networks, servers, applications, links, tools with the possibility of aggregating this information and making it public. Eg. Microsoft Teams down – Today, investigation requires the intervention of MyServiceDesk to connect remotely to the laptop to analyze the software configuration and then, to reassemble the network flows, servers… With this solution the status of each step is available in real time. 
  • Reduce intervention time, make the user autonomous for the first level of investigation, communicate proactively when an event is detected. 
  • Reduction in the number of incidents by using available corrective actions.  

The questions we asked and the answers: 

  •  Are the GDPR rules are respected ?  
    – Yes!
  •  Who has access to the data? 
    – Only a restricted group of IT support personnel (level3 +) with the specific objective: troubleshooting.
  • What can this group do with the data ? 
    – This data will only be used in the resolution of technical incidents or for the optimization of our IT system.  

The questions we will ask at the next CSE:  

  • What will be the impact on the CPU load and on the network bandwidth? 
  • Will the employee have the possibility to deactivate this tool when using the computer on vacation or outside working time? 

Paternity Leave: 14 days more! 

From 1 July 2021 the “paternity and childcare leave” will increase from 14 to 28 days. Amadeus s.a.s. anticipated the paternity leave increase to 25 days and supplemented the salary in full (more info can be found on Neo).
The CFDT (at a National level) initiated this project and is pleased with the first result. They advocate for a leave of up to two months will be granted (more info « 1000 premiers jours de l’enfant »).
Professional equality requires parental equality. While the target has reached 25% of the leave taken for children, less than 1% of fathers take full parental leave. Our Union have asked to make this leave partly mandatory. The law now provides for 7 mandatory parental leave days.


Enables an employee living in France to put on hold their professional activity, while being compensated, to take care of a family member:  

  • a parent with a loss of autonomy 
  • a sick partner  
  • a child with a disability. 

Donation of Rest days paid leave (RTT): 

The “Donation of rest days to an employee, parent of a critically ill child or as a caregiver”. This also applies to a parent with a disabled child, a serious illness or who has been the victim of an accident. 

If you would like to donate days to a colleague, please contact your P&C BP

Useful info

  • Vaccination:
    The city of Valbonne now opens Covid-19 vaccination to all employees working in Sophia and Bel-Air, more info here :  
  • Furniture sale:
    The Association Helping Hands sells furniture no longer used by Amadeus (chairs, tables, etc …). Do not hesitate to pre-order at their shop:  
    Order recovery ONLY on 19th June from  9:00 a.m. to  1:00p.m.

Trade union representation:

Make yourself heard. Join us!

With more than 26% of the vote, the CFDT consolidates their position as the leading private sector trade union in France. In a period shaken by the economic and health crises, the CFDT remains a benchmark, faithful to their values of Solidarity, Emancipation and Social Justice.

However, the decline in participation leads to questions; for example, the recent elections concerning the TPE (small businesses), saw a decline in voting turnout of 5.44% compared to 7% in 2017 and 10% in 2012. This rate is worrying as much as questions, despite the issue of the Covid-19 crisis being a strong parameter. For the CFDT, this is linked to the 2017 change which suppressed union “repésentants de proximité”.  

The Working environment needs strong and effective trade union! We call on employees to join the leading trade union in France. 


Training: declare your DIF hours before june 30th!

Vous avez désormais jusqu’au 30 juin 2021 pour les renseigner sur Mon compte formation. Sans action de votre part avant cette date, celles-ci seront perdues.

Où trouver le solde d’heures de DIF ? 

Il est inscrit sur le bulletin de salaire de décembre 2014 ou janvier 2015, ou sur une attestation de droits fournie par l’employeur, ou sur le dernier certificat de travail. Ce justificatif est demandé lors de la saisie afin de contrôler le montant saisi.  

Une fois remplies, les heures sont intégrées au sein des droits formation à hauteur de 15€ par heure. Elles peuvent être utilisées pour financer une formation sans limite dans le temps. Cliquer sur ce lien pour plus d’information sur « Comment saisir les heures DIF »