Newsletter MAY 2021


Your Total Reward Package is available!

Your Total Reward Package is available! You will find all the details relative to 2020 and your compensation for 2021. The amount calculated for the 2021 bonus is not correlated to your 2020 PDR rating and must be evaluated according to your involvement during this exceptional period.

Here is the excerpt from the NAO agreement: “As a matter of principle, this exceptional amount will represent 5% of the 2020 reference salary for the Staff. However, for employees who have been particularly solicited during their professional activity throughout 2020, this amount could be increased.”

Should you have any question:

“Global Grading”: What it means to you

A global harmonization of the qualification level denomination is underway in Amadeus with the goal of homogenizing the HR levels worldwide. It has no other impact than the strict renumbering of the previously existing “Levels”. For more information, access your Compensation 2021.  

Here is the correspondence table. 

If you notice an inconsistency with the correspondences, please let us know. 

Registering for Telework 

As we mentioned in a previous newsletter, the registration for the new telework (TW) formula is open. We invite you to register now to begin TW no later than June 1, 2021, whether as a new or continuing Teleworker. This will enable Amadeus to organize a return to the various office locations in optimal conditions. Information on the future geographical location of employees is expected to be provided by the Management during the month of June 2021. 

We are available for suggestions, comments, questions on this subject. 

As of 31 may 2021, employees already benefiting from TW must: 

  • Request a refund for the internet connection charges from January to May 2021. 
  • Register for one of the recent programs to avoid a break in TW period and the return to site full time. 

At the end of April, a number of employees have already made their choice:   

  • 1700 for 3 days/week in TW
  • 470 for 2 days /week in TW
  • 32 for 1 day/week in TW
  • More than 300 people in full remote (5 days/week in TW)

There are only 200 places available for the full TW program.  

  • If your application is not accepted, you have the possibility to reapply to a 1, 2, 3 days a week program. 
  • If you estimate that you are a good candidate for full time TW and your application was not selected, contact us! 

The new TW plans and the NOMAD are intimately linked. Have you heard of it? NOMAD is the new way of working for all the employees and collaborators when working on site. 



At the last CSE “formation/training” Commission, the 2021 priorities were revised and is concretely geared towards digital training.

You can attend trainings with available platforms:
Linkedin (all profiles) and PluralsightO’Reilly, Linux Academy and Moodle (IT profiles and R&D).

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You will find more information as well as the training courses already available on the « Learning Hub Nice sur NEO ». 

Note that face-to-face training will not restart until   satisfactory sanitary conditions are restored. 

For any questions, comment or comment do not hesitate nous contacter

Access to the Amadeus buildings

 Your access badge is disabled by default. To collect your personal belongings, you must complete the mandatory webinar and complete the return on site form for badge activation.

Failing that, you will be systematically accompanied by a security officer.

More information Back to office NCE.

COVID-19 Vaccines

“Quick my dose”: A useful site if you are looking for a vaccination site!