Teleworking Agreement


Reasons for satisfaction!

In 2012 Amadeus introduced one day a week teleworking agreement to 38% of their work force.  

In 2021, armed with a better understanding of the teleworking benefits and constraints and with increased advances in technology, our goal was to negotiate teleworking agreement that is indicative of the geological, cultural make-up of Amadeus and times in which we live. An agreement that will maintain a good balance between the professional and private lives. 

The final Management proposal is more extensive than that of the general Amadeus groups’.  

This new agreement replaces all previous teleworking provisionsEmployees, including those already under the teleworking agreement at the time of the adoption, will benefit from the new agreement.

The teleworking policies of the new agreement as of 1 June 2021 :

1. Eligibility and Participation 

All employees, including the ones who already telework 1 or 2 days, will benefit this new agreement and apply if interested, except: Nurse, Librarian, Event Manager, Event Management Senior Manager, Event Management Even Specialist. Directors are also excluded of this agreement.

Deux nouveaux modes de télétravail :

  • « Hybride » : up to 3 days a week (open to all) 
  • « Full remote » 5 days a week, limited to Long-term contracts (CDI)it excludes team managers and maximum of up to 5% of the workforce (around 200 people maximum).

All employees taking part in the ‘’Hybrid’’, including Part-time employees and annualized part-time employees, must maintain at least two days of on-site presence. Combinations of half days of telework are possible. i.e. Half day of telework can be added to the unworked half-day when reporting in WTS to make up the 2 days of on site presence. 

One-off telework (without signing an agreement) is still possible :  

  • For personal reasons justified:  To ask by email to your manager and P-C. 
  • At the initiative of the employer:  Maintain company activity, pandemic, climatic event 


2. Key provisions

Simplified adhesion:

  • Endorsement of your employment contract no longer necessary.
  • Clearly defined approval process 
  • Applications for telework are submitted in April via a dedicated form and responses from Human Resources (P-C) via e-mail. The mail received from Human Resources should be kept as justification. 


  • The number of days requested per week is to be respectedGrouping of days is possible but limited to the month in question. To be defined and formalized with your manager. 
  • The start of the telework period is the 1st of the month and is not retroactive. 
  • The days declared in WTS as teleworked will allow you to obtain the monthly telework allowance and the transport premium.


Metropolitan France and Corsica only
Several locations can be declared at the time of teleworking application (as main residence, second home…). As an exception, an other location can be declared by email to your management + Human Resources (P&C).


To prevent Psycho-Social Risks (RPS): A review between the teleworking employee and his manager will be performed a minimum once a yearpreferably in the context of the annual interview. 

Premium Support

  • A lump sum benefit paid by Amadeus for home office set-up 

Telecommuting Package
1 or 2 days/week   20 (€/month)

3 days/week  

20 (€/month) + 10€ paid the next month if 12 days/month have been declared in WTS

5 days/week  

30 (€/month)
The exemptions from contributions and social contributions result from the provisions provided for by URSSAF.

  • Exceptional set-up premium  
    • 400 euros (gross amount) paid to an employee teleworking at least 2 days a week and who has committed for a year by enrolling before 31/12/2021. This premium is only paid for 2021.    
    • From 1 January 2022, any new hire will be able to collect an installation premium of 250 euros (gross amount) if they enroll immediately for telework ‘’hybrid’’  of 2 days per week minimum.
    • The duration of the commitment is a minimum of one year.  The company can request a refund for any changes below the 2 day minimum. Amounts are subject to social contributions and taxes. 

  • Maintenance of flat-rate mileage allowances by Zone 1 and 2. More information

  • Exceptional in the Enterprise Savings Plan of 800 euros (gross amount), will be paid in October for all employees justifying a 3-month seniority at the time of payment. Replaces the incentive supplement, the mechanism of which could not be implementation due to a lack of 2020 results. 

  • Hardware equipment provided based on the number of days chosen  : 




Documentary base :  



Need to take care of your children?

During this new episode of confinement, if you no longer have paid leave to take before the end of May 21 and RTT to take before the end of August 21 and you must keep your young children, you can lay the sick child’s leave without proof.