Newsletter September 2021


Teleworking Agreement Allowances: Let’s take stock of the situation.

Teleworking monthly allowance 

You have an existing Teleworking (TW) agreement and requested a refund before 31 May 2021:  

  • You should have received a payment on the June payroll of 175 max (35 per month max, from January to May 2021).  

This is shown as “FRAIS PROF REMB REEL” at the bottom of the monthly payroll form. 

As of June 2021, with the new TW contracts, a monthly allowance is paid for TW days as follows:

  • 1 & 2 days: 20 per month paid for the current month  
  • 3 days: 20 paid for the current month. An additional 10 is paid the following month based on your WTS declaration 
  • 5 days (full remote): 30 per month paid for the current month 

See the line “IND. TW” at the bottom of the payroll form 


2021 exceptional payment for TW installation  

If you have chosen to TW before 30 November 2021 for a minimum of 2 days per week for at least 1 year*:  

  • 400 will be paid at the end of the month of your official TW start date. See the line “PRIME EQUIPEMENT TW” at the top of your payroll form.    


E.g., For a 3 day per week TW start in October:  

October Payroll: 

  • “PRIME EQUIPEMENT TW” = 400 (a one-off payment) 
  • “IND. TW” = 20 (October) 

November Payroll:  

  • “IND. TW” = 10 (after October WTS declaration)  
  • “IND. TW” = 20 (November) 


The above amounts are gross amounts.

The CSE has validated the 800 bonus by vote. This amount will be paid in the PEE in November in the form of ”Amadeus Stock options” which can be invested in your choice of fund. (See ”CFDT newsletter ” telework agreement”).

*This exceptional payment will have to be refunded if the minimum TW period of a year is not respected.  


Where are my personal belongings?

For the return to office in September, your belongings will be placed in zones, designated by teams. 

Moving between the Main Site and the annex sites  

The tunnel between the Main site and the annex sites (Oreades & Espaces) has been closed. Please respect the signs when moving between the sites. For more information click here.

Shuttle between Sophia and Bel-Air available! more details here.

What is the European C.E.?

The European Works Council is a staff representative body of an international group with European companies and subsidiaries. Its role is to consult and share information on transnational subjects (involving 2 countries) which concern the employees.

For Amadeus, members are elected every 4 years.  

For France, here are the new CFDT representatives:    

  • Amadeus SAS: Jerome Reytinat-Hardouin (Incumbent)
  • Amadeus France: Elie Kerbaje (Substitute) 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

GDPR (RGPD): What does it mean?

At Amadeus when we surf the internet, store and share documents on a cloud  (OneDrive, etc.), we use the cloud security platform “Netskope”  instead of  “Blue  Coat” to secure our data. 

This new tool is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) Click here for more information on Neo. By default personal data is not visible, even to MyServicedesk, except in the event of a security incident investigation or at our own request in the event of technical difficulties (only 3 super admin are allowed to access this data with a strict approval process).   

What is the purpose of GDPR:  It regulates and imposes obligations onto organizations anywhere, so long as they target or collect data related to people in the EU. Harsh fines are levied for those not following the privacy and security standards.  

Control bodies (in France, the “Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés” : CNIL) can apply  fines reaching as much as 10 million euros or 2%  to 4%  of the company’s annual worldwide turnover). An individual’s information, private, professional or public is protected (name, photo, e-mail, bank details, social media publications, medical information, identity documents, IP address of his computer, etc). Companies must:  

  • Obtain the agreement of customers or visitors 
  • Inform them of their right of access 
  • Provide the purpose of the data collected
  • Provide the purpose for which they are entered and stored  
  • Specify the services or entities which can access them 
  • Specify to whom they are transmitted  
  • For what period of time
  • Remind the possibility of modifying or deleting them 
  • Ensure the security of information systems 
  • …  

At Amadeus, these rules apply to the solutions to which our customers have subscribed as well as to their own customers and data shared with our partners.  More info (in french): click here.

Do you have questions? Remarks? Suggestions? Do you want to join our team, to work with us to build our future? Do not hesitate, contact us!