RCC Update 6/6 (Rupture Conventionnelle Collective) final status


French Version available here

Final RCC review commission held!

The final number of RCC volunteers was communicated during our last RCC meeting on December 17th. Note : the 11 December meeting was cancelled.

During this meeting the last three files were reviewed and the decisions will be communicated to the applicants.

LHH organized a collective information webinar with the Project Professional volunteers, P&C Business Partners and the review commission members during which the details of their support through the process were presented. The CFDT continue to follow and support the employees in the implementation of these projects and will communicate to you on any relevant update.

We will of course communicate the details as soon as we know more.  

The CFDT team is here for you.

Please contact us for advice or for answers to questions: by email (contact@cfdt-1a.fr), Teams or in person by RDV.