Newsletter DEC 2020 (EN)

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2020 End of year report: Collective bargaining to benefit all!

  • Negotiated 3 RCC plans – 350 volunteers
  • 2 Simulators:
    • Voluntary part-time – April 
    • RCC – September 
  • Work at home survey and exploitation of the results with management. 
  • CSE: Participated to the inception of the CSE and the working rules.
  • CSSCT: Integration to the CSE with working guidelines. 2 members per Union.  
  • Monthly and punctual newsletters and when needed:  e.g. RCC Commission de suivi. 

How many people have we helped in 2020?


Help to employees


Defense for employees


CSSCT supports


Defense for non-employees


CSSCT investigations

Our actions in the CSE

Here is the list of the CSE Working Groups to which we participate:

  • Social Aid (Jérôme)
  • Restaurant (Véronique, Emile, Jérôme, Sharon)
  • Mutuel and insurance (Jean-Christophe, Véronique)
  • Children’s activities (Géraldine, Ghislaine, Caroline)
  • Travel (Lionel, Sharon, Véronique)
  • Ticket (Géraldine)
  • Communication (Jean-Pierre, Géraldine, Sharon)
  • Building (Lionel, Jérôme)
  • Events (Sharon, Jérôme, Géraldine)

For any questions, suggestions or for social or cultural issues, i.e. the creation of a new club, please do not hesitate to contact us.   

Telework and isolation: Don’t stay alone!

Before this new confinement, one in two Amadeus employees elected to work from home. Employees returning to work did so an average of 2.6 days per week. Sometimes in conditions that are not conducive to work. A recent intercom was sent allowing employees unable to telework to come to the site.  

There is a real risk of isolation and impact on Psycho-Social Risks (PSR) with this current situation.  

Remember – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  

Amadeus provides a psychologist and two social workers who are here to listen and help. These consultations are strictly confidential between you and the medical personnel. 

  • Occupational Psychologist – Contact the Infirmary: 04 92 94 85 15
  • Social worker – Contact the Infirmary: 04 92 94 85 15
  • Work Doctor – Contact the Infirmary: 04 92 94 85 15
  • Your Medical Practitioner
  • Your P&C Business Partner

The Well-Being program has also worked on this subject. For more information please click here.

The CFDT and you

All of us at the CFDT would like to say a HUGE thank you to our readers and supporters throughout 2020! 

Your support has been invaluable in our efforts to negotiate the best for ALL Amadeus employees. 

There is always need for more funding and your membership helps.  You can join the CFDT by subscribing. Why join? Click here to find out more. 

And if you are interested in joining the Amadeus CFDT team, please contact us at We would be glad to meet and speak with you.  

What are the CFDT values?

5 values which give a person control of his life choices and to build a more equitable et sustainable world with the CFDT.  

  1. Emancipation
    Written in our statute, emancipation both individual and collective, is for us an inalienable right.
    – To decide your choice. 
    – To respect with dignity and freedom within a company and within our society and to satisfy the need of individuals, both materially and intellectually, in his professional and personal life .
  2. Democratic
    A value that is the very identity of the CFDT – La Confédération française démocratique du travail. 
    – To express yourself freely and to participate in decision-making.
    – To be an actor in improving working and living conditions, irrespective of differences in origin, nationality, religious denomination and opinion.
  3. Independence
    The CFDT considers it essential to distinguish its responsibilities from those of the state, political parties and religious denominations.
    – To maintain its autonomy and critical thinking.
    – To drive or influence government decisions.
  4. Autonomy
    The independence of thought and action cannot be conceived if the CFDT is dependent on external resources. 
    – Free thinking and liberty to act cannot take place if the CFDT is dependent on external resources.
    – To guarantee the financial independence and provide the means for autonomy, the CFDT relies on a unionism of members. 
  5. Solidarity
    Making the choice of mutual aid to defend the rights of all. 
    – To defend rights within the company, but also between employed and the unemployed, between generations, and more broadly between peoples. 
    – To combat all forms of exclusion, inequality and discrimination.