RCC Update 4/7 (Rupture Conventionnelle Collective)


French Version available here

RCC volunteer figures

As of October 18th:

377 applications received.
301 volunteer departures accepted. Half of the departures will occur by 31 December 2020.
  19 positions available in 2 job families.
    5 job families closed. Applicants will be accepted only on waiting list and will join the other 48 employees currently waiting.
  48 volunteers currently on job family waitlist.
  38 requests have been rejected by P&C or retracted by the applicant.

People & Culture continue to receive applications on a daily basis for the RCC plans. The majority of these applications are to the ERP and RP plans.

Review Commission (Commission de suivi)

The 3rd meeting was held on Nov 18th. P&C have not changed their initial tactic of refusing a volunteer’s RCC professional project if they ‘fit’ the Seniors 1(RP) or Seniors 2(ERP) plans.
For these volunteers presented during the commission, P&C considered their RCC professional project, ‘risky’, in view of the current climate and proposed support for the Senior 2(ERP) volunteer in the form of training and/or start-up support for their project while at the same time securing their income with the advantages of the ERP plan.

Remember: These plans are on a voluntary basis and you are not obliged to accept the alternate plan. Plan end date is 30 November 2020.

Job family Objectif Nb Max Waitlist
Product Design & Dev 3% 70 23
Support Functions 8% 20 9
Internal Business Solutions Mgt 9% 15 4
Product / Service Mgt 11% 75 10 
Project Mgt & Process Improv. 14% 80 
Ext Consultancy Mkt Sales 14% 30 4
Educ Services & customer, support & data Mgt 24% 30 15
Total   320 Available 19 
# Refusal for all job families
Total applications
These figures are subject to change depending on the responses to current plan, they reflect a picture as of November 16th, 2020.

Usefull information

  • Seniors 2 (ERP) buying retirement trimesters:
    Amadeus will not add the number of trimesters in writing in the contract as this is dependent on the answer from CARSAT
  • The CARSAT:
    They will contact you with the updated statement before payment: this document should be sent to your P&C Business Partner so they can coordinate and initiate payment to CARSAT
  • RCC agreement:
    The agreement can be found on the Neo page here

Company property:

All must be returned to Amadeus at check-out. Persons on “congés mobilité”, have the possibility to request a loaner PC supplied with Windows 10 only.

Review Commission calendar

  • 27 November: 4:00PM – 5:00PM
  • 11 December: 4:00PM – 5:00PM
  • 17 December: 9:00AM – 10:00PM

The CFDT remains vigilant to address any concern you might have. Contact us for support or to provide answers to your questions: by email (contact@cfdt-1a.fr), Teams or by appointment.